Learn about urban chickens and how to raise them.

Backyard Chicken Math 101

Raising Backyard Hens is good for your Pocket Book The ongoing cost of raising hens in your backyard has payback! In our region, three healthy egg laying hens will cost you about $20. Backyard hens will also eat your kitchen [...]

You and Me are going to be Friends

There's a knock at the door. I open and look down to see this this handsome little man. He was shy but  confident to ask "Where's the chicken?". It's Navid, he's two years old and in for a lot for [...]

Raising A Chicken In Winter – The Dust Bath Tip

oanne, the fabulous hen, likes to roll around in the dirt from time to time. What's that all about? Chickens need dirt to bath from time to time. It's essential to good chicken health and is how they control mites [...]

Taxidermy Pet Choir?

Taxidermy pets come to life and sing in this new video from indie musician The Erratic Man. And nope, Chuck Testa did not harm any animals in the making of this video. Innovative, Creative Marketing The Erratic Man has put [...]

Joanne’s Nesting Condo Costs $6.06 –

It's a Federal Hen Housing Subsidy - The Federal Government has supported Joanne the hen with building materials. There's a postal sorting station in the neighborhood that had some shipping palettes and crating out back. I asked If I could [...]

Joanne – Our First Chicken, 72 Hour Report

We Adopted an Urban Chicken The opportunity came about when a friend emailed to say that her parents were winding down household maintenance and have been relocating their animals, namely rabbits and a hen. The hen was still available and [...]

Egg Violence. Viewer Discretion.

Published in 2008, these scared eggs have a reason to be terrified. This video lead to a whole series of talking food gag videos that Daneboe helped create for JibJab and others. Dumb fun...well known. Just a timing coincidence in [...]