Canon-5d Mark III Digital CameraLet’s get down to nitty-gritty. As much as the Canon 5D Mark III has been clouded by the “light leak” controversy we did some research and more recently are actually using one fresh out of the box.

I already covered the specs for the Canon 5D here  a while back. The usual.

Canon 5D compared the Canon 5D Mark III

What’s changed from the 5D to the Canon 5D Mark III? I’m skipping the 5D II because I never buy an upgrade every time a new model hits the shelf. I’d have a garage full of cameras by now.

The Canon 5D Mark III Test Drive

These Photos were taken as follows:

  • Aperture Priority
  • Auto ISO ON (adjust ISO to maintain a minimum shutter speed when shifting aperture f-number) – I can still set the ISO easily on fly and do at times.
  • Highlight Tone Priority is ON (improves gradation of highlight areas)
  • Standard picture style (default mode)
  • Close ups (Macros) using the inexpensive Sigma 70-300mm APO (one of my favs and the least expensive)
  • The two insect macro photos were cropped
  • Photo where optimized for the web with light sharpening as resizing softens details.

Click on any image for a larger view of more details.

(Shot using the Sigma 70-300mm APO for Canonlearn more)

photocrati gallery

Here some more images with advanced post processing…why?

Why show sample photos of post processed images? Because starting with great photos is important even when stylizing images. When blending exposures, jumping from 12 megapixels of the classic 5D to 22 megapixels with the Canon 5D Mark III makes a difference.

Click on any image for a larger view of more details.

(Shot using the Sigma 12-24mm for Canon Ultra Wide Angle Lens…learn more)

photocrati gallery

Review the manual cover to cover really?

Yes, I do sit down with my camera manual and go through it cover to cover. It’s always been my advice to budding photographers. I found a number of really cool features that were very pertinent to my shooting style and so would you.

Canon 5D Mark III Digital Camera Order Now

Marc’s 6 Favs (I’m easily impressed with finer details)

Yeah, bigger screen with higher resolution, more mega pixels and so on. That’s always the press release stuff everyone has copied and pasted into their blogs.

In this third generation 5D, I’ll stick with a few simple favs.

  1. Dial Mode Lock. No more slip ups when you “think” you’re still shooting in your favorite mode. Come on, you know that happens.
  2. The power switch moved up just below the mode dial. Much better. Yes, I’m might be easily impressed.
  3. Auto ISO. This could be a favorite. I most often shoot in Av (Aperture Priority). With the classic 5D, I’d take a few test shots to get a feel for the shutter speed based on my aperture or f-number and move the ISO up if the shutter speed was slow for handheld shooting. Then adjust that from time to time. With the 5D Mark III, Auto ISO takes over and changes as needed based on a minimum shutter speed. You can also set the auto ISO range. So far, I’m in.
  4. Depth of Field Preview Button. I use this all the time. Moved to the right side of the lens where one of my finger tips sits right on it. Good move! The simple joys. No fumbling.
  5. Highlight Tone Priority. Improves gradation in highlights. Looks good so far.
  6. Number of Exposure Bracketed Shots. For fans of true HDR Tonemapping you can set for 3, 5 or 7 bracketed shots. For example, 7 shots could be -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3. I will likely experiment with the on-board HDR, but the extended exposure bracketing is appealing.
  7. OK, just one more. The On-Board HDR even has Auto Align for handheld shooting you’re multiple exposures. Let’s see how this it all works – “to be continued” on this one.

Oh, and it shoots video. Will get around to that. later.

The Canon 5D Mark III Light Leak Controversy

What’s a Light Leak?

Light Leak is any exterior light source that enters the camera body and reaches the CCD (sensor). Also a claim that when lighting the LED back-light to see the top display in the dark changes shutter speed. It’s claimed to potentially affect the exposure. There are a number of similar demonstrations to be found.

If you take the time researching this by cancelling soccer practice for the kids, you’ll find everything from YouTube videos, blog postings and opinions from people how are not engineers but do play one on TV. I did take some precautions in any case based on what may or may not be facts.

For example:

  • Cameras were the 6th digit is a 1 or 2 are deemed the suspect light leakers. Mine was a 3 betting the newer serials are fine.

I did a suggested test I found on the internet and the camera did not produce the light leak issue. Seemed fine to me. Canon would service any camera sent in by covering the suspect area on the inside with black tape. A firmware update also, but that was mainly for a few odd lenses to function better, nothing in their mainstream line up.

Some articles sounded pretty compelling. You are counting on the truthiness of the internet. At this point, any fresh stock of the 5D Mark III should be fine.

The Light Leak by this time is a thing of the past.

Have fun keep on clicking!

Did someone raise their hand? I’ll take any questions, anytime.


It’s been couple of thousand shots later. It’s a keeper. Rich with practical features and function with a nice jump in finer details with this 22 megapixel full frame sensor.

Check out the Canon 5D Mark III here.