A compilation of Canadian scenes – from farms, parks, conservation areas and random wilderness.

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Over the years, having travelled thousands of miles on Ontario’s rural highways and back roads, most of what I photograph has been stumbled upon – Canada’s big back yard. The road less traveled please. It’s expected that when I leave a message at home to say I’m on my way back and it’s three hours away, it’ll take at least six hours or more. When the cell phone rings, I expect to hear: “Where are you!?”

A GPS is part of the standard photography gear now. When ending up in new “necks-of-the-woods”, just pressing the HOME button on the GPS gets me back to base.

Tips for photographing scenery:

  • Wide angle lens and focal length (not too wide or you’ll be correcting distortion).
  • Days with lots of clouds are ideal. Clouds complete photos with rich textures much better than great blue empty chasms.
  • Overcast (heavily clouded) conditions can be dramatic with HDR processing, but might require a tripod or increasing the ISO setting to boost the shutter speed as needed in low light conditions.
  • A circular polarizing filter will enhance details in clouds, but is not required if you’re well versed in multiple exposure blending.
  • Be mindful of your composition.
  • Break the rules.

All the photos in this gallery are on Canadian soil. Enjoy.

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