Welcome to today’s editing challenge. I have to create an entertaining graphic to go with an article about burger resurgence. I know, isn’t this a fun job?

“Can we have a surfer on a cheeseburger patty?”

Why of course, we can do that…I think. Let’s get started.

Sure, just a guy surfing.

First, we go through hundreds of surfer shots for just the right angle with a nice wave.  This is the original shot we used. The finished imagery is at the bottom of this article.

Here’s what we need to do with this photo:

Beach dude is getting a makeover.

  • Take out the clouds
  • Put a shirt on the surfer
  • Punch up and change the water color
  • Add some water drops in the air
  • A plethora of editing retouches

Now we need a cheese burger surfboard:

  • Go to the local market and pick up some sirloin burgers and cheese slices
  • Set up the mini studio and lighting
  • Prop the burger up on and inverted wine glass, we need some height for a matching angle

Note: The key is to shoot the burger patty at the same angle (nearly straight on) as the surfboard in the photo

The fun really begins!

The quick set up mini studio for small product shots.

Portable mini studio and lighting. Perfect for small product shots.

Burger on inverted wine glass for height...hey, whatever's handy!

Burger on inverted wine glass for height…hey, whatever’s handy!

Blending recipe using Adobe PhotoShop:

  • By now I have prepared several layers containing elements like the surfer, the waves, the water drops flying in the air and the burger to name a few
  • Place the burger layer in between the surfer and the waves. Now we have to make it look like it belongs being mindful of the direction of the sunlight
    • Transform > Distort to size and add perspective to the cheese burger
    • Shadow the underside of the burger
    • Shadow on the wave below the bruger
    • Make the cheese burger appear to merge into the water by using the eraser tool set to a soft brush. Then a little semi transparent cloning of water over it.
    • Add some water drops on the cheese burger using the Clone tool.

All in a day’s work. Check out this interesting video about food styling.

So here’s how is all comes together…

Adobe PhotoShop is the world standard for creative image editing. The possibilities are endless for beginners and professionals alike. Join in the creative fun!

The Cheese Bruger Surfer rides! ...by Marc Mantha

Wasn’t that fun? Fun is good. Have some every day.

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