Bald HelmetThese ought to cause some double takes on the open road. This is what we in the industry call “tight” editing. This is entirely plausible as a product line. The marketing agency is certainly touting it’s outstanding creativity and PhotoShop know-how. It’s worth a look for all you aspiring digital editors out there.

The marketing company is Good.

How’d they do that?

The outer design of the helmet skins are images of real people and things. You’d photograph the subjects you want to put on the helmets at angles that match the product shots and work your PhotoShop magic. Now that’s the 2D way these mock ups would have been created. But could this actually be created as a real 3D product? What do you think? Could several images from multiple angles be mapped out for print and wrapped onto the helmet?

Watermelon HelmetBrain HelmetHead HelmetGolf Ball Helmet

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