The bicycle rules in Amsterdam.

Stay out of the way. If you collide with one, it’s your fault. That how it goes. Visually interesting with geometry’s lines and curves, this simple mode of transportation treads lightly on the planet and it’s resources. The driver provides the power keeping it’s own biological engine fit and the CO2 emissions from the human engine marginal. The vehicle is light, compact and in the land of Holland’s flat plains, the perfect way to get around.

Orange Bikes by Marc Mantha

Metal and rubber crafted into a long standing smart technology.

Bikes In The Hague by Marc ManthaIan and Elllen Worling were our hosts who showed Marguerite and I around Amsterdam and The Hague. This is the land where bicycles rule. Even pedestrians need to be observant, staying clear of roadways. It’s “the” way of life. Automobiles are taxed heavily and local transportation revolves around bikes backed up by fairly extensive public transit.

I’d be using my Canon 24-105mm lens with the ISO turned up a little, but always under 400. Enough natural light, but generally overcast most of the time. The above mentioned lens it typical and used about 90% of the time.

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