The 2013 Ice StormIce Storm Baranches with Crystals by Marc Mantha

Estimates with the recent ice storm are that 20% of the tree canopy in Toronto is gone. Conditions were ripe for about three days. Then the temperatures dropped holding the ice on the heavily laden trees.

Beautiful Ice

While initially leaving some 300,000 Greater Toronto residents with no electricity for days, is was at the same time astonishing for photography. The lens I used is the Canon 24-105mm. It’s the standard for most of my photography outdoors and the one I most often recommend for outdoor nature photography.

The Light

It was overcast with a few moments where the sun broke through lighting up the ice like countless crystals. I came home at one point but noticed the clouds breaking up only to scramble back to get a more shots in the bright sunlight. That’s why some shots are cooler and others warmer not to mention the times of day varied from morning to afternoon.

Enjoy the show! Click on any image for a larger more detailed view.

Winter Barn by Marc Mantha

Sunset Ice Diamonds by Marc Mantha 

Ice Trees Hanging over Road by Marc Mantha

Wild Grass in Ice by Marc Mantha

Ice Trees and Winter Homestead by Marc Mantha

To learn more about post creative edits for winter photography, you’ll find more details here.

Find out more about the Canon 24-105mm lens used for these photos here.

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