With digital, if you learn from your mistakes we can all be geniuses.

It’s a bright sunny day with blue skies…blah?

I’ll take a questionable weather forecast anytime when it comes to nature photography. Cloudy with a chance of rain is perfect. A sky full of clouds is texture, drama and so much more visually emotive than blue space.

I just don’t have to deal with messy darkroom chemicals. I tried film developing long ago. It was fun watching images come to life in the chemical bath. I found it expensive to learn from my mistakes. With digital, if you learn from your mistakes, we can all be geniuses. You can experiment to your hearts content, click, click, click and view the outcomes.

So take lots of shots and experiment. Pure experience is the best teacher of all.

Top it off with a smattering of HDR and a pinch of PhotoShop.

The Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada, 2003.

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