I went to visit Linda who has an amazing organic garden just north of where we live. She’s a wealth of farming knowledge and doing things with the utmost considerations for sustainable all natural growing, the real old fashioned way. She’s not in it for money, she in it because she loves it, it’s healthy and a way to show people how easy and rewarding it is.

When I go there, it’s with the intention of helping and Linda is always generous with her crops, books and know-how. She’ll always dig up some literature out of the van related to conversations we might have had. She also teaches children’s programs.

This time I left with a trunk full of garlic, lettuce, camomile, potatoes, chard, peas, fave beans and a half dozen Organic Gardening and Farming magazines dating back as far as 1976.

The 1976 issue for Mach happened to feature Back Yard Chicken Raising. I’m up for that!

I’m really enjoying going over these magazines. The articles are more down to earth and don’t seem to have been edited to the ‘enth degree. The content is straight forward.

Thanks Linda.

Check out the front cover…

Organic Gardening and Farming - Backyard Chicken Raising
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