Understanding Chicken MathRaising Backyard Hens is good for your Pocket Book

The ongoing cost of raising hens in your backyard has payback!

In our region, three healthy egg laying hens will cost you about $20. Backyard hens will also eat your kitchen scraps too. They’re omnivores, but you should include an antibiotic free feed known as “Lay Mash” blended for egg laying hens to be better producers without using hormones.

So this is the rocket science after your initial cost of the coop and enclosure…

Enjoy the awesome graphics and statistical presentation.

Chicken Math 101 the cost of raising hens in your backyard

Does Your City Allow Backyard Hens?

We’re working with the Town of Newmarket to allow backyard egg laying hens. Newmarket is in Ontario, Canada and cities across North America are lifting the prohibition on backyard hens with updated bylaws that better reflect trends on what people want and how they feel about food.

We’re collaborating with the Town and City Council is open minded. It’s a learning experience for staff to develop recommendations.

It’s safe and of no consequence to your neighbors with good maintenance similar to the care of your usual domestic pets like cats and dogs. The risks and concerns are typically exaggerated. It’s been proven to work over and over by cities everywhere that have made the change.

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