Garden Vegetables Photo Du Jour

I’ve never had so much still on the vines at this time of year in this growing zone. I should explain the garden is a very humble size, so this is pretty impressive. Yes, most are still green and likely won’t ripen very well so that means “home made relish”. We’ll talk about the photography part shortly. (Click of a larger view)

End of Season Garden Vegetables by Marc ManthaI picked everything as we’ll likely have a hardy frost this weekend. The latest photo here might remind you of the “What to do with all those tomatoes?” posted a while back. The set familiar?

The green peppers you see here are supposed to be sweet red. I’ll use the few red ones to add a nice dash of color to the relish. Last couple of weeks I also made some Apple Pear Pies. Had lots of pears from the backyard combined with apples I bought from Griffin, a cub scout who negotiated a price for a basket full.

Why Buy Seeds?

When you grow something you like, keep the seeds for next year and share some with other gardeners in the neighborhood. I always have extra plants to give away.

The Shot

It was actually after sunset and the room very dimly lit. A couple of strategic lights turned on. I’m using a tripod with a shutter release because the of the low light and slow shutter speed that would result in a blurry handheld shot.

Canon 24-105mm f/4 L IS USmThe Lens

I have a few favorite lenses and this is one of them. It’s the Canon 24-105mm. A “Walk Around” lens for me. Nice and wide with a little telephoto range. Just right most of the time and for this counter top composition.

The lens also suggests that I’m shooting with a full frame sensor. You can find comparable focal lengths for your APS sized sensor digital SLR and get great results.

The Settings

I’m shooting with Aperture Priority so I can take advantage of a short depth of focus for that blurry background. That means if have the aperture setting dialed down, the lowest f-number = shortest depth of field (DOF).

You know what would have been the icing on the cake? Having couple of people sitting in those chairs in the back holding coffee mugs.

Setting the Stage

Even though this is the kitchen counter, simply being mindful of the background, even if it’s soft focused is important. remove any clutter and odd items. I cleared the counter and placed a few fruit near the upper right corner. I was aware for the shadow cast by the back of a country style dinning chair as a nice extra. Just enough interest to draw your eye through.

All I wanted to do was take a shot of some vegetables I picked. These mini projects are a great way to sharpen your shooting skills. The key to growing into a better photographer in to keep shooting, adjusting and experimenting.

…and having fun.

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