It was suggested by R J Smith that a previous panorama scene might look nice if it was snowing. I did return but only after the snow fall.  The winds were otherwise too strong. One day, I’ll get the soft gentle flurries.

This panorama is wider than the first with a full 360 degrees. One personal critique is that I might have preferred tops of the two center buildings not be merged past the top edge. Still had fun experimenting.

(Click image below to view enlarged 2000 pixel wide version)

Note: If your browser re-sizes images to fit your browser window, you may not be viewing the full 2000 pixel width.

The conditions were overcast (cloudy)  early sunrise. The light was very different from the first version even though it was overcast on that day too. Mid-day overcast is still much brighter than early sunrise overcast.

It was just after 6AM on a long weekend. I was able to take this 360 series of panorama shots set up in the road.

The Shooting Workflow:

  1. Check camera settings: aperture, white balance (set and test shots), ISO set to 100
  2. Set up tripod, mount camera on ball panning head, plug in remote shutter release
  3. Set panning head to 90 degrees portrait orientation and level
  4. Take sequential overlapping photos to complete one full turn (360 degrees)
  5. Review, recheck settings and re-shoot two more times.

The Processing Workflow:

  1. PhotoShop Photomerge to digitally stitch and save panorama as JPEG
  2. Open as Camera Raw format in PhotoShop Raw editor
  3. Create and save three JPEG exposures +2, 0, -2
  4. Open all exposures in Photomatix Pro (HDR) Tone Mapping / Details Enhancer
  5. PhotoShop various adjustments: dodge, burn, clone, blur, add noise, select area saturation / desaturation, lab sharpen.

That’s a wrap for this one, but…

Something about this spot. I’ve a feeling I’m done with this area yet.