I still doodle with a pen. It’s fun just kinda letting the pen take me to unexpected places. Now, I sort of do that with PhotoShop. I’ll poke around some photos stored I might not have seen in years and start having fun.

Do you find PhotoShop intimidating?

Beginners usually do. My first kick at the can didn’t go very well. I never looked at PhotoShop for six months after my first try. Glad I went back and persisted. A terrific hobby turned career. I’ll tell you more about that in just a minute.

Here’s today’s PhotoShop fun. Click to enlarge.

PhotoShop with Marc Mantha

You can make photos sing!


Let’s take a look at the before image here with no editing applied. It’s a good shot, but PhotoShop can make images sing! You can see we added a little visitor to the completed photo edit above.

PhotoShop versus PhotoShop Elements. What’s the difference?


  • PhotoShop is the professional industry standard on the planet for photography and graphic design.
  • Purchase cost is higher the PhotoShop Elements.

PhotoShop Elements

  • Used to be touted as the scaled down version of PhotoShop but in recent years has become very robust of features and support for RAW files of all major camera manufacturers.
  • A fraction of the price of PhotoShop and geared more specifically to digital photographers.
  • More Auto Fix and Guided features for beginners and novice.
  • Lots of advanced editing features if you want to go deeper.

Make the pledge…to have fun!

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