Boing! Boing! Jumping Sheep

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Young Sheep Jumping at Pauline's Farm

Get Creative at the Farm

Been there, done that can’t be in your repertoire. I’ve been to many farms many times and just when you think you’ve done it all, you might still get some surprises. Zooming in and out and moving around for varying perspectives and angles. Then sifting through for the gems back at the studio.

I’m using the Canon 5D Mark III and the Sigma 70-300mm on a bright sunny day so shutter speed isn’t a problem. I have the center AF point selected and center weighted metering. The processing does include tone mapping the images with Photomatix Pro.

DSLR Shooting Basics Marc Used at the Farm

  • Checked the White Balance for correct color temperature on a bright sunny day
  • Using Sigma 70-300mm lens. Good range of zoom for fast changing situations and movement
  • Set to Aperture Priority Shooting Mode for fast adjustments to Depth of Field (DOF)
  • Fresh Battery on board
  • Cleared the Memory Card, 8gb good for 500+ shots shooting in RAW format on Canon 5D Mark III
  • Center AF point selected to target subjects, center weighted metering
  • Good to go, just watch where I’m stepping to avoid the farm fragrances when getting back in the car

I met Pauline the farm owner about a year ago through a mutual friend and interest in egg laying hens. She runs a terrific hobby farm and is wired to care for animals. I have an open invitation to drop by the farm anytime, and I do,  camera in tow.

There are now several young sheep and when they are let out of the barn it’s fun to watch them run and spring into the air. I’ll be heading back to try for some more of those mid flight action shots. They’re like rambunctious kids having a good time.

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