Something I’ve always wondered about in this photo that was right under my nose. Look on top of the tire. See the red view-master (since 1939)?  I should have picked it up to see if there was a disk inside. In any case, I like that door made of patchwork wood scraps. The light has some interesting dynamics. Some of it coming from the holes in the roof and through the cracks in the door.

Photography is very disruptive to destinations, but makes for a more interesting journey.

The Old Slaughter House by Marc Mantha

Here’s little background on this photo.

Remember the first Canon Digital SLR? The EOS Rebel 300D. Six megapixels if I recall.

Shot in April of 2004. Camera introduced in 2003. A ton of fun back then!

Morning light, just before 10AM using a kit lens, 18-55mm. The focal length was 27mm, shutter 1/60 of a second, aperture or f-number 6.3. Lots of folks knock that old kit lens. It was cheap ‘n’ cheerful and entertained me very well.

Punch it up!

Added some HDR processing with Photomatix Pro. The original format was a single JPEG which can be opened as Camera Raw format in the Adobe PhotoShop Editor to create the multiple exposures required for HDR blending in Photomatix Pro Tone Mapping. Some additional adjusting in PhotoShop which would include my LAB sharpening technique.

Have fun and keep on clicking!

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