Real Product Innovation –

Having spent a  good part of my career in the retail industry, some of it as a buyer for a national chain, I have a good appreciation for innovative products. Just days before a trip, I had to check out what Blackrapid had first hand. Me and my old neck strap weren’t getting along. We would go our separate ways.

The old strap

  • A neck strap works fine and does what it does. Hangs a camera around your neck or across your shoulder.
  • The rubber backing at the strap’s mid point always wedgied my shirt around to my back when I had my camera placed at my side and want to grab it to take a shot. I didn’t always want it hanging in front all the time, particularly when hiking or scrambling rock.
  • If this were a high noon at the OK Coral, when I need to shoot, sometimes I need to shoot fast. The typical neck strap doesn’t give me an edge. I wasn’t going to win a draw.

The new strap innovation

  • Blackrapid figured it out. Even the basic strap in the product line up makes sense. The straps have more relevant functions and are designed for how we shoot and handle a camera. The motion and flow of grasping the camera is smooth.
  • I can have my hands free for other things.
  • The video says it all…have a look see.

Which one?

You have some choices and price points.

the RS4 is the most basic and other models allow you to add some useful accessories to your Blackrapid strap.

I had watched the video a few times and got one just a few days before traveling. No more fidgeting. Smooth action every time. When taking thousands of shots on the usual trip, it a big deal.

Have fun and happy hunting with your camera!

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